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Use fun Halloween party cups or mugs to serve the punch. Add vodka or gin instead of rum or switch it out for coconut rum or white rum. Pour some peach schnapps in for even more fruit flavor. For some fizz, add in ginger ale or lemon-lime soda. Use cherry juice instead of cranberry juice.

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1. Holiday Cranberry Punch This fizzy, refreshing Holiday Cranberry Punchis the perfect compliment to any festive party or meal. It's easy to make and serves a large crowd. 2. Creamy White Christmas Punch Creamy White Christmas Punch is a simple punch recipe that is perfect for any Christmas party or gathering. Everyone will love this white punch!

NonAlcoholic Jingle Juice Recipe with SunnyD for the Holidays

Ingredients: 5 cups SunnyD Tangy Original 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1/2 cup maraschino cherry juice Optional: fruit-flavored candy cane to garnish Directions: Stir together the ingredients in a large pitcher. Serve over ice. Garnish with candy cane, if desired. Serve and enjoy! Note: Recipe adapted from the Alcoholic Jingle Juice recipe.

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Jingle juice, also known as Christmas punch, is the yuletide version of jungle juice, a college party classic. Like regular punch, it's often saccharine and spiked with alcohol. However, it can be made with alcohol-free alternatives as well!

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Almond Extract Ice Rosemary (optional, garnish) Fresh Cranberries (optional, garnish) Prosecco or other sparkling wine (for cocktails) Canada Dry or other ginger ale (for mocktails/non-alcoholic option) For the cranberry juice, I use 100% cranberry juice and not juice cocktail.

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This non-alcoholic version is smooth as a fresh snowfall, with creamy notes and a whisper of coffee flavor that'll keep your spirits bright. To make it look like it just stepped out of a winter wonderland, float a few coffee beans on top and add a swirl of whipped cream with a dusting of cocoa powder. Candy Cane Martini Source: This Vivacious Life

NonAlcoholic Jingle Juice Recipe with SunnyD for the Holidays ad

Can I make this Christmas punch non-alcoholic? How do I rim the glasses to make them look frosty? How do I keep this jingle juice cold? How long does Christmas punch last? Want more festive cocktail recipes? What's in this Christmas punch? The base of this jingle juice is moscato and cranberry juice for a sparkly, festive red punch. You'll need:

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Add sparkling water or ginger ale to make a non-alcoholic Christmas punch. To lift the holiday spirit mood, stir in some champagne, rum, or vodka to the drink. Perfect to keep the adult's drink topped up. All wonderful fall flavors infused in a drink that is perfect for holidays!

NonAlcoholic Jingle Juice Recipe with SunnyD for the Holidays

How to Make Jungle Juice. Add the Fruit to a large drink dispenser or bowl, then add fruit juices, soda, and alcohol. (Photos 1-4) Adjust to your taste buds by adding more alcohol or more lime soda. Chill - If possible, chill to let the fruit flavor the cocktail.

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Remember, you can also create a non-alcoholic version by substituting the alcohol with sparkling cider or lemon-lime soda. Juices: The main flavors in Jingle Juice come from an assortment of fruit juices. A mixture of cranberry juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice, and apple cider forms a delicious and aromatic base.

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How to make Jingle Juice. You can make this holiday Jingle Juice recipe in a few simple steps: First, get out a large pitcher or mixing bowl and add the Moscato wine. Then stir in the white cranberry juice, triple sec, vanilla vodka, maple syrup and grenadine. Stir together until combined.

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Recipes Smoothies Jungle Juice 22 Community Pick Submitted by Brenda. "A non-alcoholic drink the whole family can enjoy. A great way to start your day and sneak in that extra serving of fruit." save Download I Made This photo by Sarah_Jayne Ready In: 4mins Ingredients: 3 Serves: 1 Nutrition information Advertisement ingredients Units: US

Beware This "Christmas Jingle Juice" Has Three Bottles Of Wine AND

Jump to Recipe This Jingle Juice Recipe will ring your bells since it's made with THREE types of alcohol that are mixed with cranberry juice and pomegranate juice! A drier holiday punch that's ready to serve and sip after just 5 minutes of prep!

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Published: Dec 28, 2023 · By: Joseph Duff Jump to Recipe Get ready to have a roarin' good time with this Jungle Juice recipe! Popular on many college campuses, this delicious blend of spirits and juices is making its way to more elegant affairs like holiday parties and beyond.

25+ NonAlcoholic Punch Recipes NoBiggie

You have two options when turning this into an alcoholic punch recipe. Fill a glass with ice. Add 1.5 oz of vodka (one shot) into the glass. Top off with the punch, stir, and enjoy. OR. Stir in 2 cups of vodka into the punch before adding the ginger ale. Chill and serve.

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What is jingle juice? Jingle juice is a creative holiday spin on the old-time classic, jungle juice. This jingle juice recipe includes cranberry-apple juice, sparkling rosé, vodka, triple sec, and lemon-lime soda. Can I make jingle juice ahead of time? Yes! If making ahead, leave out the sparkling rosé until the very last minute.