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Step-by-step guide get rid of damp smell with baking soda or borax: Remove excess moisture. Make sure the carpet is as dry as possible. Prepare the carpet odour remover. Mix warm water and vinegar (2:1) in a spray bottle and spray the solution over the smelly areas of the carpet. Be careful not to oversaturate.

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Spray or pour the solution on the carpet in an even coat as one of the ways to get smoke smell out of carpet or if you have another smelly problem. Allow the deep cleaner to sit for 24 hours. Make sure to keep it secure from kids and pets and keep the area well ventilated. Use a towel to soak up any excess liquid.

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Fill a jar with lemon, lime, or orange peels. Pour in distilled water to cover the peels and close the lid. Leave this sitting for about 3-4 days. Then pour off the water into a spray bottle. Lightly spritz your carpet with the citrus spray to make it smell better.

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tb1234. Combine two cups of distilled water and one cup of vinegar in a spray bottle, shake it well, and spray it lightly over the smelly carpet. Spray just enough to coat the fibers without making them too wet, and allow them to dry thoroughly. Finish by vacuuming the rug to suck up the dried vinegar and mildew odor.

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Once the water problem is fixed and the carpet is dry, vacuum the carpet to remove dust and help the odor dissipate faster. Use a large vacuum cleaner to remove more dust. Treat your carpet with a mixture of one cup of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. Use a spray bottle to mist over the carpet gently.

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9. Sprinkle baking soda on a smelly carpet. Unlike hardwood floors, plush carpets absorb smells like no other. Sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet to remove odors. Let sit (while you lounge.

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Soak a piece of stale bread in vinegar and set it overnight in a lunchbox or wastebasket to remove built-up food odors. Grind leftover citrus rinds in your garbage disposal to sweeten it. Or dump half a cup of salt down the drain and turn on the disposal. This loosens caked-on food and helps neutralize odor.

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Saturate With Anti-Mold Spray. Spray the carpet with anti-mold spray. Follow the directions on the product. Make sure to soak the carpet on both the front and back completely. Spray the flooring with anti-mold spray as well. Since you should not rinse away most anti-mold spray, allow it to dry completely.

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I'll be honest. I love my home, but I don't always love how my home smells.. The kitchen trash gets stinky after throwing away food scraps. The carpet gets a funky smell from the dogs lounging on it 18 hours a day. The washing machine gets a little mildewy over time. Closets get musty. Bathrooms stink. Teenager shoes reek.. Ugh. My battle against stinky smells over the years wasn't.

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Open windows to get fresh air in and bad air out. Turning on the air conditioner or a fan can help, too. 3. Clean and Deodorize. With the windows open and the bad air moving out of the home, it's time to get to work fighting the source of the bad smell. Wipe spills, clean stains, or scrub away messes that are causing the stench.

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2. A Vinegar-based Solution. Another very simple DIY fix for musty carpet smells is to spray a vinegar-based solution lightly onto your carpets. This solution consists of half a cup of white vinegar for two cups of water. You may even add a few teaspoons of baking soda to the solution to make it more effective.

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Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to complete the job. 5. Vodka. Vodka is not only capable of making delicious, cosmopolitan cocktails, but it's also an excellent stain remover. After treating a spot, you can spray some vodka on it to further remove color and odor. Leave the vodka to work for up to 15 minutes.

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Method 1: Add one cup (or less) of laundry detergent into the fluid canister of your steam cleaner, fill the rest of the way up with water. Steam clean your carpet with this solution. Method 2: Mix laundry detergent at the rate of 1 tablespoon of detergent to 1 quart of water and place in a spray bottle. Lightly spray the carpet and then scrub.

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Learn how to get rid of wet carpet smell with this guide from wikiHow: our social media channels to.

How to Get Rid of Mildew Smell ServiceMaster Restore®

Let the vinegar stand for five minutes. Scrub the inside of the bowl with the toilet brush, and wipe the outside of the bowl and the seat with rags or paper towels. Flush the toilet to get rid of any particles that may have been scrubbed loose from the bowl. 5. Remove mold from hard surfaces.

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Blot the carpet with paper towels. Place a layer of paper towels over the vinegar-soaked area of the carpet. Wearing disposable gloves, press the paper towel into the carpet to make sure it sops up all the vinegar. [5] Don't worry if a vinegar smell lingers. You will deodorize the smell with baking soda next. 6.