Caputo 00 Flour Neapolitan Pizza Ditalia Fine Italian Imports

Caputo 00 Flour Neapolitan Pizza Ditalia Fine Italian Imports

Caputo 00 Americana. This is a high-protein Tipo 00 flour meant for artisanal American pizza baking. The protein content of Caputo 00 Americana is 14.25%, which is higher than most of the other Tipo 00 flours. Caputo Semola. In addition to their Tipo 00 pizza flours, Caputo also makes several other quality flours.

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The protein/gluten content will vary depending on the type of wheat the flour is made from, but it mostly ranges from 8-12%. For pizza baking higher protein flour made from harder wheat, such as durum, is more beneficial.. my top pick is therefore Caputo Pizzeria Tipo 00 Pizza Flour. Caputo Pizzeria is Caputos professional series pizza flour.

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American bread flour has a protein content similar to that of the Caputo bread flour (King Arthur's actually gets a little bit higher even). The main difference in how it behaves is due to the exact type of wheat used and the grind size—American bread flour produces stretchier, chewier breads than Italian "00" bread flour.

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Caputo Chef's 00 Flour. The Caputo Chef's 00 Flour is ideal for a dough that needs a long fermentation. This flour has 13% gluten content and is a 100% wheat flour product. This dough will keep its shape during fermentation for 24 to 48 hours or more. This flour is best when you are looking for long and slow proof.

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00 flour is not gluten-free because the 00 refers to the grade of flour in terms of how fine it is, rather than the protein content. Typical 00 flour such as Caputo flour will have around 12.5% protein, and this protein is what forms the gluten when coming in contact with water. Substitute for 00 flour

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Caputo 00 Flour Protein Content. The Caputo flour, Chef's Flour, has a 13% protein content, while Pizzeria has a 12.5% protein content. However, Pizzeria flour is a flour blend; Manitoba is added to the mix to strengthen the flour. See the Strength section for more information.

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Antimo Caputo 00 flour is essential for creating authentic Neapolitan pizza! You can buy 00 flour in bulk at WebstaurantStore at a great, low price!. Its high protein and gluten content result in a consistent, long rise dough. To make an award-winning dough, mix this flour with neapolitan yeast, water, and salt and knead by hand or with a.

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Compared to more commonly used flours for pizza, the Caputo 00 has more gluten but not too much. It is just a little over the average, so it can be stretched and kneaded more. The Caputo 00 has 12.5% gluten, which is a perfect percentage to give your pizza dough just enough stretch. You can make thin-crust pizzas with this level of gluten in.

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Considered the gold standard for pasta and pizza dough, 00 flour is a finely ground Italian flour. Here in the U.S., we categorize flours by how much protein they contain, which directly affects the gluten formation in whatever we're making. They do it a little differently in Italy and other parts of Europe by categorizing flours based on how.


The protein content of flour influences the gluten development, which determines the elasticity and strength of the dough. King Arthur 00 Flour has a slightly higher protein content (12-13%) compared to Caputo Flour (11-12%). This subtle difference translates into a dough with slightly more elasticity and chewiness when using King Arthur 00 Flour.

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Pizzeria flour might have a protein content of 11.5 percent, which is close to all-purpose flour and is best for short fermentation and quick cooking times.. there are two major brands of 00 flour in Italy, Caputo and 5 Stagione, each of which manufacture different varieties under different names. But in general, the distinctions allow for.

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Tipo 00 is the ideal flour for pizza baking because the fine grind, combined with a high protein content creates a stretchy and elastic dough.. Caputo Pizzeria is a Tipo 00 flour meant for long-rise pizza doughs baked in a wood-fired oven. The flour is milled in the pizza's birthplace, Naples, Italy. It's also considered one of the top.

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To better understand why Caputo 00 flour is preferred by many Neapolitan pizzerias, here is a breakdown of the protein content in the three most popular Caputo 00 flours. Caputo Classica - 11.5% protein, with a strength of W 220-240 and a 4- 24 hours fermentation time.

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Pizza Flour Comparison. Caputo 00 flour is a type of wheat flour that is finely milled and has a protein content of around 12.5%. This high protein content gives the flour its elasticity and strength, which makes it perfect for making pizza dough. Compared to other types of pizza flour, Caputo 00 flour has a fine grind and a high gluten content.

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Shelf Life: 12 months. "W" Index: W310/W330. H20 Absorbability: 55-60%. Caputo's 00 "Pizza a Metro" line of flour literally translates to "pizza by the meter". This flour is very strong, with a high protein content and a strong W index rating, and will produce a dough with a lot of strength and elasticity.

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Antimo Caputo Chef's Flour has a moderate protein content, which strikes a balance between elasticity and tenderness. This makes it suitable for a wide range of recipes, from airy bread to tender cakes.. Yes, you can use 00 flour for bread making. However, keep in mind that 00 flour has a lower protein content compared to bread flour.